There is no doubt that hammock camping is rapidly becoming more popular. Today, more and more troops are incorporating them into their monthly outings at both small local events as well as at national and world jamborees.

So what does hammock camping entail? Are hammocks actually that great? Should people really take them seriously? A good number of people are normally convinced only after getting a chance of laying in a hammock. However, until the opportunity presents itself, you should learn some of the reasons you need to consider hammock camping.

The following are the top reasons you should try hammock camping:

1) It’s Highly Affordable:

Undeniably, hammocks are among the simplest shelters around. Many people have utilised them for centuries. According to most of the
best camping hammock reviews available online, a basic one goes for around $20. You can get models that feature integrated bug nets for roughly $60. The high-end commercial camping hammocks that come complete with bug and tar netting cost roughly $100.

2) It’s Packable:

Unless you are tarp camping, a good number of backpacking tents tend to be bulky. Splitting up the tent body, fly-sheet, poles etc. help to evenly distribute the mass. Nonetheless, they still take up plenty of room. Most, if not all, camping hammocks usually stuff down to the size of a small melon. You can fold down flat an 8 by 10 foot thus reducing weight and freeing up room.

3) It Makes Camping Exciting:

What is for sure is that hammock camping is plain fun! Regardless of the number of times you bring your hammocks on a camping trip, they always seem to maintain their attraction and novelty. It’s common for some people to have a particular apathy towards camping. Nevertheless, after introducing hammocks, their interest seems to have piqued.

4) It’s Highly Comfortable:

One of the top reasons why most camping enthusiasts are into hammocks is the fact that they are extremely comfortable. You don’t have to put up with roots and rocks in your back anymore. Furthermore, you don’t have to slide on the uneven ground. According to scientific research, their gentle rocking motion usually contributes to a more fulfilling and deeper sleep. On a long-term resident camping trip, hammocks normally offer a cozy bed, which you can certainly look forward to night after night.

5) It’s Extremely Easy To Set Up:

Rather than fiddling around with tent poles and pegs, setting up a hammock is very easy. The most popular camping hammocks bring with them a daisy-chain suspension system that you can simply wrap your strap around a tree and then use carabiners to clip the hammock. There are no sophisticated knots you need to be worried about.

6) Doesn’t Affect The Environment That Much Compared To Others:

Another impressive attribute about hammock camping is the fact that it has minimal impact on the environment when you use it properly. With just a set of tree straps to hang a hammock, there’s no doubt that you can avoid harming the fragile growth. Because you are suspended in the air, you do not need to clear out the surface and disturb the natural terrain further.

7) You Get The Opportunity To Sleep Under The Stars:

Just imagine sleeping beneath a sky that is lit by dazzling stars! What a scene! On clear nights, one can forego his or her tarp and relax in the hammock to enjoy stargazing. This is unlike with a tent where your view is obscured and you have to literally sleep outside on the surface to enjoy the same view.

8) Makes An Incredible Lounger:

Even if it’s not time for bed, a hammock offers an incredible place for lazing around on your campsite. You get to lounge around even when the fire is crackling. While dinner is cooking, you can always take a break.


Camping Is One Of The Most Time-Honored Summer Traditions. It offers the perfect opportunity to roast marshmallows by the fire, chase fireflies, or catch trout from the lake. For sure, a trip to the woods constantly promises to be such a lovely time. If you want a change from staying in some of the best family tents for sale for a hammock, just try hammock camping today. You’ll not regret it at all. The above are some of the reasons you should try hammock camping.

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