If you’ve ever solved a rubixs cube,congratulations because those things are quite tricky. Now try and solve a rubix cube upside down with one hand tied behind your back, all the while being slapped repeatedly across the face. This is what organising a summer holiday with your friends feels like. It will strike a shiver down your spine and cause a cold sweat to appear across your brow. You will end up tearing your hair out with stress until you look like this…

Firstly, you need to decide out of your 300 so called friends on Facebook, who do you really value, who’s going to make the cut and be added to the appropriately named group chat “suns out huns out” or “guns out” depending on said friend group. Men are all about testosterone.

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Thought that was easy? Not so fast.  Be prepared for a lot of them to back out and to hear a lot of offended scoffs of those saying, ‘ how dare that bitch not invite me to a week in Ibiza ‘. You’re going to see a lot of blue ticks on Facebook messenger and not an awful lot of responses. You will be constantly checking when the message was last read will not make that plane take off any quicker.

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Picking the location and dates over the group chat is where your besties are going to become your worst enemies. Your parents will constantly remind you how in there day, they’d have this all sorted out in a face to face discussion and tut at our generations constant use of social media…. not the time mam, Becky is telling us about which tribal tattoo she wants to get on her side boob.

Some of your friends will want to be super cultured and travel around Thailand, they’ll sell you this dream holiday idea but not even have a clue how to get around there, others will want a sun, beach and sesh holiday in the typical places like Ibiza and magaluf.

when you’ve eventually agreed on a country and a rough date, there is always one who will pipe up and say they were there last year, had no fun and wants to go somewhere else. They end up commandeering your holiday like some dirty pirate of the Caribbean.

So, after weeks of messaging back and forth, messages have been ignored, multiple destinations have been suggested selected and then ignored, You find yourself booking a week in your aunt’s villa in Tenerife. Whereas Becky has gone off to apparently find herself in Australia with her new toy boy Raymond….find herself? Please that girl won’t even find the beach.

Rachel Healy