Sligo IT College Guide

Colm Hamrogue invites everyone new to Institute of Technology Sligo to live the Dream. Bring it on…

Are the college facilities up to scratch?
Good, no counsellor in the college last year. The Director has given his word that something will happen this year on it.

What’s the grub like on campus?
It’s Campbells…………….! [this is not a good thing – ed]

What’s the social scene like around the campus?
Campus DJ students should be starting this year. No college bar but I am working on it and should be here within 3 years.

What kind of clubs and socs can you join? And sports clubs?
Over 40 Clubs & Socs, very successful last year. GAA Sigerson Cup, GAA Intermediates, ladies soccer, handballers and so many more.

What about sports facilities? Gym?
Big sports hall, one of the best all weather pitches in the country, new running track, small gym, but well equipped.

What’s the story with accommodation?
Getting hard to find close to the college, and getting more expensive year by year. Average price about €60 a week. Very high standards of purpose built student accommodation available.

What’s Sligo like? Good atmosphere/nightlife? Any insider tips?
Great place to go out and small enough town so you can nearly meet up with every one in a night in one place or the next.

What’s the cost of living? Is part-time work easy to come by?
Can be expensive, with many small businesses here in Sligo work is not to hard find, the likes of Tesco, Dunnes and Penney’s.

What’s the worst thing a new student can do?
Not get out their and experience it all. College can be a very lonely and hard place if you don’t make an effort. So get out there and “live the Dream”.

What’s the best?
Making friends for life like I have done, best thing you will ever do.