Sometimes humanity shows itself in the most trying of times and the most difficult circumstances. The US treatment of refugee children is nothing short of barbaric and there is absolutely no condoning it.

However, University of California, Berkeley Professor of architecture Ronald Real and Professor of Design Virginia San Fratello showed that there are still good people in this world and that society is capable of being decent.

On Monday, Real and Fratello finally put a long term project of creating a physical bond between the border of the United States and Mexico into practice by building a seesaw between the border wall.

Children from both sides came together to play in a heartwarming and poignant scene yet the imagery is also etched with sadness.

The pictures exemplify that the people on either side are really no different and that children don’t the border as a barrier to play.

The togetherness shown image and video is in stark contrast to the reality of US/Mexico relations. Children have been taken away from their parents and held in cages unfit for animals. This cannot be allowed to continue.