By Rachel Dennehy

Summer is here and so is a summer of plans including trips away and, time together with your closest friends and family that is often not easily achievable during the academic year, when the stress of grades and assignments are added into the equation. The summer acts as one of the most substantial times to make memories that you and your friends will cherish forever. The weather is nice (most of the time), you have more time to yourself, the vibes are immaculate. What more could you want? The summer is usually the time when the biggest and most iconic music artists play around country to country, partaking in a range of music festivals in which only the best partake making it an immaculate experience for those who get the opportunity to attend. 

However, these events are often restricted access meaning for students an ID is required upon entry. This can be stressful for students as they try to find which form of ID is most suitable especially as many students may be travelling to festivals abroad and want to ensure that they will have no trouble with admission into the festival.

Well look no further, the international student identification card (ISIC) is your one-way ticket to anywhere that your heart desires. This card is available to students in both second and third-level education, making it ideal for students of all ages travelling to festivals this summer to ensure that disappointment is avoided.

This card has been available for over fifty years and serves the intention to act as an appropriate form of identification as it is recognised in over 130 countries across the globe. How many times have you left for a night out and realised you have just gone and left your ID at home? Well, the ISIC ID card ensures that you will never have to worry about this again as it comes in a digital format meaning once you have your phone, you will always have your ID on stand-by which comes in handy in cases of emergencies especially if you are about to enter the festival you have been waiting months for. So, whether you are heading to Electric Picnic or across the pond to Portugal’s Rock in Rio, avoid disappointment by securing your ISIC identification card today.

Additionally, ISIC understands how important identification is at festivals that the ISIC holds some unique benefits that regular identification forms do not always possess. For example, it gives you access to discounts on food and beverages in over 130 countries and as students understand, managing finances whilst in university can be difficult so it is much appreciated when some money can be saved. The ISIC card can also save you money on your admission into some of your most beloved music festivals with Positivus, Lucavsala currently offering ISIC cardholders 10% off their admission into the festival upon presentation of a valid ISIC card, thus it is worth the investment.

Festival season is an unforgettable, memorable experience that I would highly recommend anybody to avail of, regardless if you are a fan of an artist or new to their work, this is undeniably an enjoyable experience for all welcoming people of all music tastes and ages to an immaculate environment of the great power of music.

And most importantly, who does not like to avail of a discount?

To find out more about the ISIC ID click here

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