Despite the league’s top scorers Liverpool foregoing the need for a traditional number nine, most top teams live or die by the quality of their front-man. Here are the top five best strikers playing this season in the Premier League.

5) Zlatan Ibrahimović (15 Premier League Goals):

If Darren Bent were taller, more athletic and suffering from a massive God-complex, he would be indistinguishable from Zlatan Ibrahimović. The Swede is undoubtedly a quality player, but His biggest attribute is the very same as Bent’s was in his prime; both are very good at scoring when given good chances. While he is the sole reason Man United remain in contention for the top four, operating in a more competitive league than France has demonstrated that he is not a player of the calibre of Messi or Ronaldo. He is a very good goal-scorer, no more, no less.

4) Romelu Lukaku (18 Premier League Goals):

Selling De Bruyne before he proved himself in the Premiership was a bad move on Mourinho’s part. Selling Lukaku after he proved himself was rank madness. This season is likely the year when the Belgian outgrows Everton. The side are too reliant on their main man (joint second top scorer this year is Seamus Coleman with four goals, which fun fact, is double the amount of goals as Wayne Rooney), and he is still a shade below being a great player, but a man does not end up second top scorer in the Premiership by accident.

3) Diego Costa (16 Premier League Goals):

On form the ferocious Spaniard is perhaps the most potent striker in the league. His issue is that he rarely maintains that level of form for an entire season. Costa was crucial to Chelsea running out of sight both this year and in his debut season. On three occasions he scored the game’s only goal to secure three points for The Blues. Yet his goals have begun to dry up since the turn of the year and his frequent disciplinary issues are a mark against him. All that said, Costa has more physical presence than any other striker in the league.

2) Sergio Aguero (12 Premier League Goals):

Though Aguero is the least prolific player on this list, the recent past should not be discounted. The Argentine has finished with plus twenty goals in three of his five full seasons in England, and once managed 17 goals in just 22 games during an injury hit year. Guardiola had recently preferred youngster Gabriel Jesus to lead the Man City line, but a major injury to Jesus has let Aguero back into the team. Though he could do with working harder, there has not been a more dangerous forward over the last few years. In fact, up until very recently he would be the undisputed best striker in England, but a certain man from London has just usurped his crown. 

1) Harry Kane (19 Premier League Goals):

Premier League Harry Kane

Tottenham’s Harry Kane has been this season’s standout striker.


There is no better striker in the Premier League than Harry Kane. The only truly world-class Englishman, he surely deserves to be counted among the five or so best out and out strikers in the world. Though not specifically regarded for pace, strength or skill on the ball, Kane is simply good at everything. His record speaks for itself; 21 goals in his first full season, 26 last year and 19 in just 22 games this year. His recent run of hat-tricks cemented his status as the best number nine in England. Tottenham cannot be dismissed as title contenders over the next few years provided they hold on to their main man.

Brion Hoban