As some of you may noticed there was a slight technical glitch in the programme that we used to run our last poll for People’s Choice Awards. An ever so slight gremlin in the works that allowed some colleges to rack up, by exploiting this error, such extravagantly large numbers of votes that would cause even the king of voter manipulation, Donald Trump, to baulk.

As such, in the interests of fairness for the other colleges who weren’t able to sit for seemingly days straight refreshing a page, we are wiping the slate clean. Below we unveil our new system which is hopefully proofed against both fools and people with truly worrying amounts of time on their hands.

We regret the inconvenience this will no doubt have caused, however we feel that in the interests if maintaining the integrity of the award and it continuing the spirit in which it was first established we have had to take these steps.

People's Choice Awards Smedias 2017
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