Coldplay’s front man Chris Martin has found himself in hot water this week after it was discovered that he is behind the major celebrity photographs leak. Martin broke his silence on the matter after a lot of the photographs of his new girlfriend, Jennifer Lawrence, were traced back to his computer.

Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence have reportedly been dating each other since the start of summer after his marriage with Gwyneth Paltrow ended in March after a ‘conscious uncoupling’. Since hooking up with Hollywood’s most beloved starlet, Martin’s ego has inflated to twice its normal size. As always with a man on a power trip, Martin overplayed his hand and when he tried to tweet some intimate photographs to his fellow band mates on Sunday night, he accidentally made them public rather than using the private message service.

The Coldplay star approached this week in an effort to set the record straight and attempt to clean up the mess that he caused. Martin told us that, “I know I come across as bit of a twat but I honestly was not trying to start a scandal here. When I was with Gwinny, she had forbidden me seeing her naked and we had to make love through a hole cut out in a white sheet. It felt sexually repressive for me. So when Jenny came along and was all like, ‘put the sheet away’, I had to tell the lads [the rest of Coldplay] what was going on. Unfortunately I’m not that confident with technology and the next thing I know, all these pictures started circulating online from my email account. I felt bad for Kirsten Dunst the most. I don’t remember even being with her and yet her lovely jubblies were out there on the interweb. I have a suspicion that she leaked those herself to try and get some attention.”

It remains unclear whether Lawrence will take legal action against Martin. In the mean time, he will only be allowed on the internet when supervised by an adult.