A man in his twenties was arrested this week for allegedly disturbing the peace during a screening of the film, ‘Let’s be Cops’. The unidentified man was texting for a half an hour during the insipid buddy comedy film, much to the irk of his fellow cinema goers.

The offence took place in the IMC Tallaght and was reported by a member of the audience who went outside the cinema theatre to make the complaint because only subhuman scum use their phone in a dark cinema to make personal calls.

Upon the arrival of the Gardaí, the man was placed in handcuffs and the arrest was met with a standing ovation by members of the audience who had forked out nearly €10 for a cinema ticket.

Oxygen.ie was quick on the scene to interview the irate audience who had to put up with the glare of an inconsiderate man’s phone. One woman told us, “The guy was being a right tit throughout the screening of the film. Within ten minutes of the film beginning, he had whipped his phone out and didn’t even bother to turn down the brightness of the screen. It’s nearly impossible to engage in the nuanced storyline of ‘Let’s be Cops’ with shinning light occupying your peripheral vision”.

Another cinema goer said, “The lad was on Facebook messenger for the majority of the time. I was sitting one seat behind him, so I got a good view of what he was doing. He was talking to a woman called Kate about what she got up to at Electric Picnic. He clearly has a thing for this Kate girl because there is no other way of explaining why he puts up with her neurosis and self-centred attitude.  You’d swear by the way she was talking that the whole universe had conspired to ruin her life. Plenty of ‘FML’ and random singular use of the word ‘STRESS!!’ in capital letters were frequently used throughout the conversation.”

The man will appear before a judge on Friday. If convicted, the texter might have to watch Avatar from start to finish while strapped to a chair. This particular punishment has been condemned by the United Nations as being more inhumane than the death penalty.