Tánaiste Joan Burton hopes to reduce this year’s deficit in the budget by releasing a new calendar for 2015 featuring her in the nip. The idea came about after a brain storming session by Labour TDs as they returned to the Dáil this week after the summer holidays. Labour are adamant that they are in touch with what the public wants and needs, and this fund raising attempt appear to satisfy both those desires.

Burton sent Oxygen.ie an advance copy of the calendar for review purposes, complete with an autograph and a lipstick kiss on the cover. We have yet to open it for obvious health reasons but we admire the Tánaiste for thinking outside the box when it comes to tackling Ireland’s economic woes and worries.

Burton contacted Oxygen.ie on the phone last night and said, “I believe as a party, Labour has their finger on the pulse of what Ireland wants and needs. For too long I have been leaving a lot to the imagination and I felt this was a good way to get everything out in the open. Some might say that the July photograph might be overly graphic with the ping pong balls but I felt that I shouldn’t be ashamed of the talents that God gave me. All the proceeds from this calendar will be poured into the budget deficit. Some might argue that I’m selling my body but some might also say it is a novel way to tackle a serious crisis. It is art, it’s subjective and I will leave my critics to decide what is what”.

The calendar will hit the stores in early November, just in time for the run up to Christmas.