As the international community gazes on Dublin this week, due to the Web Summit taking place in the RDS, Gardaí have reported that ‘nerd bashing’ has increased by 150% in the capital as a result of the technology conference.

Irish media have been reporting this week, that groups of technology nerds have received severe wedgies and wet willies outside the grounds of the RDS. Groups of youths have been waiting outside the front gates of the Web Summit to pick off easy prey.

While the bearded and sweater-vest clad crowds exited the conference, the youths would seize their opportunity to attack the nerdlingers and shout insults like, “Hey Mac!, how PC is this?” The group behind the attacks has been identified as the technophobic organisation called, “Teletext 4 Ever”.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has had a mixed response on the incident.

On one hand, we are trying to promote Ireland as a friendly economy for technology businesses to invest in. On the other hand, they really are a bunch of geeks and dweebs. It’s not surprising that this happened, they brought it on themselves.”

A representative for Google remarked that this was unfortunate to happen but the beatings were less severe than what they got in America.