It’s the start of December, which only means one thing- Christmas is much closer than we can imagine. The party season ishere and as you plan your Christmas going-out outfits, don’t forget about the make-up look you’re going to wear- here’s some ideas and inspiration.

The Classic Red:


Red lipstick can absolutely make every make-up look glamorous and flawless and the festive season is the best time to put forward your best red lip. I usually like to keep the face quite clean, polished and glowing (never shy away from the highlighter), add a winged liner and then a glossy red lip for the perfect easy face that looks flawless. Add lashes if you wish, or deepen your eyes with some brown shadow in the crease. If you prefer a more dramatic look, don’t go to heavy on the eyes- choose a deep matte brown shade instead of black and a peachy blush, which will make the red lips stand out and create a sultry, defined look.

Green Eyeshadow?:


Personally, I stick to browns, coppers and gold shimmers for my eyes- which is a weak move on my part, considering it’s a very basic look. Eyeshadow has never been my strongest point and so I stick to classic shades, but if a dark green shade tickles your fancy, go for it. If you are testing any crazy shades this festive season, make sure you practise before a look so you don’t have any fashion faux-pas’ for St Stephen’s night.

All That Glitters:


Nothing is better in life than glittery make-up and now, we can even use pressed glitters in pans to refrain from the messy nature of loose glitter. A good tip when working with glitter is to use a glitter glue of some sort, so it doesn’t fall everywhere and ruin your look. Remember, glitter can be used for more than just shadow- it can be a highlight too and looks absolutely beautiful when dusted on the collarbones.

Vampy Lips:


Berry shades come back every winter season and this year has been no exception. If you’re unsure about a darker lip that isn’t your usual preferred pink or peachy shade, go for a lipstick that has red or warm undertones. This will make the shade easier to wear and suits fair skin-tones. If you’re brave, sport a matte brown or violet- sounds risky, but can look very cool and glamorous. I would recommend to use a lip liner and a little bit of concealer when applying the lipstick so it doesn’t look sloppy- a dark shade will never let you get away with any colours bleeding.

Fake Eyelashes:


For some reason, I always see so much more girls opting for fake lashes at the festive season than any other time of the year. For some, it may be their first time experimenting with falsies and they’re probably hating their decision of gluing on lashes that night. As someone who has played with many natural lashes and eventually chosen individuals, all I can say is that patience and time is key. Use a clean tweezers when applying the lashes and make sure to give 20-30 seconds when you first apply glue, so it can get tacky, which will make application so much easier.

Whichever look you opt for, your best accessory is a smile, so wear it with pride and don’t forget that it’s just makeup, and can be washed off at the end of the day.

Gabija Gataveckaite