Kylie Cosmetics is one of the most sought after make-up brands with new stock selling out in seconds.

With the high prices, ridiculous shipping fees and controversies surrounding the product I asked the question: Is it worth it?

With cheaper brands flooding the market like Sleek Makeup, Makeup Revolution, even Penneys have an amazing makeup range, why would anyone spend over €25 on a lipstick?

I have three lip kits, a metal liquid lipstick and of course the Bronze Kyshadow palette. I love the lip liners and liquid lipsticks. They’re perfection.

I have tried several liquid lipsticks, but most dry out your lips, come off quickly or dry patchy. Kylie’s liquid lipsticks are easy to apply, dry matte and never dry out the lip. They’re even kiss proof, perfect for those nights out that you just want to forget. However, some of the liquid lips like “Kourt K”, a deep purple, and the limited edition “Dead of Night”, a black shade are swamped with controversy. They are streaky and do not appear on the lip like they did in the ad campaigns.

Unfortunately I cannot confirm nor deny those claims as the three I own are perfect. The metallic liquid lipstick I have, shade “King K”, could be more pigmented. However because of the colour it gets away with it … just about.

There was also controversy that she changed her formula. I have had products from before and after this claim was made and I personally do not see nor feel any difference. Perhaps it was just a change of formula in the original three shades (Dolce K, Candy K and True Brown K).

I recently purchased the Kyshadow palette, the very first eye shadow palette that Kylie cosmetics launched. It consists of nine shades and retails for $42, which is steep but unfortunately not in high make-up terms.

I was so excited to get my hands on the palette. The first two times it was launched it sold out within sixty seconds, so I didn’t stand a chance. When the palette arrived I took it out of its cute, but flimsy packaging and tried it out. The colours are lovely, deep browns and neutral tones, the kind of colour palette I love. Unfortunately, they weren’t as easy to work with as I expected.
Kylie Kyshadow

Being used to using pigmented, buttery products, I was shocked when the brush barely transferred any product to my lid. After a few attempts I did get a good colour pay off but unfortunately not what I expected for the price of the product.

There are much cheaper eye shadow palettes that do the exact same thing. I was expecting a much higher quality. Although as this is her first eye shadow palette, I won’t be too harsh as makeup formulas are tough.

Although I would recommend buying her lip kits, I would hold off on buying her Kyshadow palettes until she knows exactly what she is doing with the formula. The liquid lip formula is amazing and worth every penny. So instead of buying a cheap liquid lipstick and spending more money of lip balm to soothe your aching lips, splash out and buy a lip kit. It’s cheaper in the long run.

Bronwyn O’Neill