If you’re one of those unlucky students that have to commute long distances to college, you may understand the struggles of going out in the city with your college friends.

Whilst there’s the issues of securing a way home or a place to stay, there’s the major question of what to wear? It’s a difficult task to decide what to wear as a commuter without packing your entire wardrobe and lugging it onto public transport that morning.

Yet it is to be acknowledged that this article is entitled “From College to Coppers” which would suggest that you could get away with a county GAA jersey and jeans but let’s appreciate the alliteration whilst also considering those of us who want to stray from the culchie stereotype associated with Coppers.

So without further ado, here are some tips from transitioning from a daytime college look to a nighttime clubbing look…

Tights transfer

Boohoo.com – €8.00

If you’re a regular dress and/or skirt wearer, switching up your tights is a simple way to transform an outfit.

Thankfully, fishnets have come back into fashion which allows the wearer to have the illusion of warmth whilst really just having the same effectiveness as barelegs.

If you’d prefer a more thermal option, you could always opt for a lacy pair or a slightly less dense pair of plain black tights. 

Curl the hair

Leaving the house early in the morning with the knowledge that you won’t be back before going out that night is a struggle.

Straightening your hair is usually a no-go since it will inevitably be frizzy or contain that “bump” from your bobbin by the end of the day. To tackle this, curling your hair is a good option.

Ensure that you spray enough hairspray to intoxicate a transition year and it should last until the prinks at least. If you have naturally curly hair, even better, no effort required.

T-shirt to crop top

Forever 21 – €13.00

Switching a t-shirt to a slightly more revealing top is perhaps the most popular way to dress up any outfit.

Flash some tummy, side boob or straight up cleavage to distract from the fact that you haven’t changed the rest of your outfit from your 9am lecture.

Beat your face after beating lectures

Makeup is an essential for many students, not just for night outs but for college in general.

You could always apply your make-up in the morning for the night out however your look may be a bit dramatic for daytime lectures.

Instead you could go makeup less to college and apply it right before going out. This could make your transformation from daytime to nighttime more striking, as well as ensuring that any tears resulting from lectures do not mess up your eye makeup.

Get yourself a cute backpack

It’s a wonderful thing when you make a friend in college, more importantly, a friend with accommodation that you can stay in weekly.

However, this isn’t always possible; you mightn’t always have a friend to scrounge off or a place to leave your getting ready bag until the next day.

In those cases, it’s necessary to invest in a cute backpack which is spacious enough to fit some college essentials and going-out requirements but fashionable enough that it won’t ruin your outfit. There’s a major difference between wearing a Nike bag and a KANKEN bag to a nightclub.

And there you have it, the five step guide to get you from college to Coppers. All five steps are not strictly required, nor are any one of them completely necessary.

When it comes down to it, if there’s a chance to go out after college, take it. If that means you’re going out in a jersey and jeans, sure feck it.

Gemma Robotham