When it comes to Tinder, everyone knows that everything relies on the opening line.

You only get one chance to make a first impression; do you joke to break the ice? Do you ask the first question the pops into your head? Maybe you just go all out with the first message and hope for the best?

It’s a big decision, and it can often lead to a crushing ‘unmatch’ if you don’t play the right hand.

If you need any inspiration, you need to look no further than some of these users. Whether it be due to their rousing success or monumental failure, there’s something you can learn from these ladies and gents.

These openers are truly next-level, and if nothing else a lot more entertaining than the typical ‘What’s up’ or ‘Wanna fuck?’…


It’s forward and it’s cheesy, but the opportunity was there and he took it. Those crying with laughter offer a glimmer of hope.


Language barriers are a thing of the past in the age of online hookups. So long as you have GIFs, it’s all you really need.


Most of us would happily agree that this is taking millenial’s sudden obsession with avocados to new, unnecessary levels.


I have a feeling 10 years from now we won’t even need words; emojis will be the primary form of communication. This pair are clearly living in the future.


It’s always hard to tell how someone will react with a name pun. Can’t help but give top marks for effort though with this attempt.


Using your pet to try score some Tinder dates is a tried and tested strategy. Putting your pets down… slightly more risky.


Again, top quality pun but you can never be sure of your audience…


Surely there’s nothing wrong with thinking things over a bit… right? 


That’s quick maths right there. Never mind such a rude reply, Big Shaq would be proud.


Persistence is key, even when you know you’re probably in a sinking ship anyway.


This is clearly a man who knows what women want…


When God opens a door, He opens a window. Well played.