More restrictions loosed today allowing non-essential retailers to open. One of these stores was Flying Tiger. The store opened up this morning to welcome back the many people that come in “just to have a look”.

We asked a couple of shoppers what it’s like to be able to come back to one of their favourite Danish variety store chain.

“Class yeah! Nice to see businesses open up again.”

“Did you buy anything at Tiger today?”, we asked.

“Ah no. Just having a look at all the gas little knick-knacks. I don’t have any space for any of that now.”

The temptation to buy things here is strong. It’s all very bright and colourful and you have interesting signs like “1 for €10”. Surely this sounds like a bargain? Would it not be easier just to price it as “€10”. Ah here I’ll just pick it up and move on to the till. The meandering trail around the store is jammed with people. Just take my money!

The re-opening of Flying Tiger paints an optimistic picture for Summer as restrictions will continue to be lifted for other industries all the way up to August.