The Qatar World Cup will go ahead in 2022 as planned, landing a corporate spanner in the calendar of every league in Europe to accommodate it.

It’s hardly any surprise that the world’s most commercialized sport has the most corrupt governing body, but this shameless demonstration is something to behold.

Sepp Blatter, soccers Stalin, delegated the investigation to the very same committee that voted on the bids in the first place.

England were found to be just as shady in their dealings as anyone, but still couldn’t didn’t even come close to being awarded the show piece event.

Astonishing favors by the English bidding to team to FIFA officials were uncovered. Examples include getting a mate of Jack Warner a part time job in London, as well as paying for a host of executive piss-ups around the world.

Yet, even that wasn’t enough. England eventually lost out to Russia, whose entire computer hardware was wiped soon after being awarded the 2018 tournament.

FIFA maintained that while there was ‘breaches in the process’ from the Qatari bid officials, there was nothing that overstepped the marker.

Dozens of Qatari workers have died in preparation for the tournament. There’s entire cities that have to be built in time for 2022, but such abhorrent contempt for human rights is nothing untoward as far as FIFA is apparently concerned.

Qatar seem happy to burn as much oil covered cash in the hope of getting the World Cup ready in time. Luckily for the, FIFA will no longer stand in their way.