Bob Geldof is to refocus efforts to aid the Ebola outbreak as he feels the worldwide pandemic has become “too mainstream”.

Instead, the Boomtown Rats frontman will use the proceeds from the single on helping the washed up singers who featured in Band Aid 20.

The floundering careers of many of those who contributed so valiantly a decade ago have gone under the radar. Geldof feels it’s important to arrest the apathy.

“When you look at what happened to Dido, Busted, that ride from T Club 7 or whatever – it’s awful. Something has to be fuckin’ done.” Geldof proclaimed.

The third incarnation of the track will feature Bono and David Bowie, part of the original recording 30 years ago. Such enduring success offers stark contrast when put next to the stagnant careers of Lemar etc.

“What the fuck’s a Lemar?” Geldof mused.

The new collection of artists were gathered by Geldof and Midge Ure to see the extent of the problem for themselves. As per tradition the Band Aid collective were shown shocking images of the people the track is looking to help.

“We showed them a video of Daniel Bedingfield doing an acoustic set in New Zealand recently. People could barely look, a lot of them were holding back vomit at what they were seeing. It was truly horrifying.” Bono said of the experience. will be purchasing it’s copy as is obliged, should make a great decoration for the bin.