Best Dressed:

Olivia Palermo hit the streets of Paris in an all-black ensemble with a white leather bomber draped over her shoulders last week. As the model scoured runway shows in the freezing Parisian air, a cable knit turtleneck jumper, leather pants and suede booties kept her warm. A simple way to make a statement in any outfit without being too risqué is taking a page out of Olivia’s book- add a contrasting piece to an otherwise one-colour outfit.

Alex Shulman Leaves Vogue:

Alexandra Shulman, the editor-in-chief of British vogue for the past 25 years, has resigned. The renowned journalist announced her decision just a couple of days ago and claimed that she’s excited to see what the future holds. Admitting that she’s been considering the question of leaving since October, Shulman thanked Conde Nast, the magazine’s publishing house. Under the editor’s watch, Vogue has kept pace, and even set the standard through the changing eras of fashion. She helped launch the online version of the magazine, launched the Vogue Festival and featured Kate Moss on the cover over 30 times, among other things. As she prepares to leave the office in June, speculations of her successor include Emily Sheffield, a deputy editor at the highly-celebrated fashion bible.

Manny ‘Mua’ Gutierrez Appointed As First Male Maybelline Ambassador:

In late 2016, I wrote an article in this very column about Covergirl’s first male face, James Charles. Now, Maybelline has also caught on to the many, many talented boys in makeup and announced Manny Gutierrez, or more commonly known Manny Mua, as the face of its Big Shot Mascara campaign, alongside Instagram star Shayla. Manny is not only a guy who can blend shadow and draw a liner sharper than most girls, but a social media influencer, Instagram and Youtuber, whose tutorials flood the internet. Not only does Manny look fabulous in the campaign photo shoot, it’s so refreshing to see a male in makeup being so successful!

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