Best Dressed:

Zendaya slays with pretty much everything she wears. This is yet another fine example of her pulling off a beautiful, yet simply composed outfit. She chose a sheer black corset with a puffy crinoline skirt to give off a retro vibe, adding plain black pumps and a coral lip to her look. Even if you may not have Dior’s Millennial Party to attend, take a leaf out of her book and give that long petticoat skirt in the back of your wardrobe a try. Add a bustier top, with some simple, yet pretty, accessories. Pumps or court heels are also a good idea- anything strapless, which exposes the foot, makes the legs look even longer.

H&M is Launching a New Brand:

The massive retailer Hennes & Mauritz is now launching a new high street retailer called Arket. The brand will see clothes that are of better quality, and a higher price-point than H&M, with men’s jumpers starting out at a whopping €39. Arket’s creative director, Ulrika Bernhardtz claims that “the brand DNA is ‘timeless, crisp quality and warmth’.” It will focus on more classic and simple pieces, which can be worn over and over and styled in many different ways. Each clothing store will also come with its own built in café, a trend which can be seen in the likes of Penneys and Heatons today. With the first store opening in London’s Regent St late summer or early autumn, H&M are aiming to open another 430 stores before the year ends. This isn’t the first time the massive retailer has branched out, as they also are a parent brand to Cheap Monday, & Other Stories and Weekday.

How To Perfect Your Contour:

Yes, yes, we all know that strobing is the new contour, but contouring is a trend that girls can’t give up just yet. It’s a life saver- it chisels away that post-Christmas double chin, sculpts a new nose and creates the highest cheekbone anyone’s ever seen. If you’re still struggling to get the hang of it, or if you’re sick of it looking muddy, here’s a few tips- for both cream and powder products.

1) Focus on the base: every great makeup look starts with the skin. Make sure your skin is clean and well moisturised, otherwise you may as well not bother.

2) Pick your tools wisely: the key to great contour is blending and so if you cannot remember when you last washed your brushes, give them a scrub ASAP. Everyone is different, but contouring usually requires a small thick precise concealer brush and some sort of a blender- it can be a beauty sponge, a flat top foundation brush or a stippling brush.

3) Less is always more: especially with contour. Don’t go heavy handed. If the colour isn’t dark enough, use a darker shade instead of layering a lighter tone. If you’re using both cream and powder products, use as little product as possible.

4) Blend: like no one’s ever blended before. Make sure you have lots of natural light while you work and blend cheekbone contour upwards, to give an illusion of depth.

Gabija Gataveckaite