Staying active by walking regularly not only keeps you fit but also healthy. Additionally, it also boosts your productivity and improves your energy levels. All you need to do is slip on a pair of top walking shoes, and you’ll be good to begin your walking routine.

So what’s the difference between walking outdoors and indoors?

Walking Outdoors:

Walking outside is a form of exercise and relaxation. While in the outdoors, you can choose to walk along local trails, in the park or on the beach while setting your personal pace. After a long day working, it’s prudent to take a stroll or brisk walk if you feel you need to burn some calories. During weekends, you can opt to run errands by foot thus allowing you to handle your to-do-list while remaining active.

To improve your cardiovascular fitness, you need to walk briskly for roughly 30 minutes each day. While at it, walk on different terrains to ensure your physical rate is constantly challenged. Choose a steeper trail once the body is capable of handling it. You must adapt your strides accordingly to the ground’s surface and terrains to avoid injuries.

When walking outdoors, you’re able to be exposed to the sun hence benefiting from important vitamin D. Adequate vitamin D amounts are important in developing and building your teeth and bones. Furthermore, it enhances your immune system by giving it a major healthy boost. To obtain vitamin D, you should walk for 10 minutes when the sun is out.

Before going out, you need to pay keen attention to your local weather forecast. If the temperatures outside are too high, you shouldn’t step out for a walk because you’ll suffer from dehydration or exhaustion. On the other hand, when it’s too cold, ensure you put on several layers of clothes to keep warm.

Outdoor Walking Benefits:

  1. While walking outdoors, one tends to burn more calories compared to indoors. This is because treadmills handle some work. Additionally, using a treadmill means you have no wind resistance.
  2. Walking outside challenges your stability and balance through the small stops, starts, dodges and obstacles. There’s no doubt that this is an amazing benefit.
  3. Walking outside brings with it increased mental health and mood. Studies indicate that participants of outside walks enjoyed increased energy and feelings of revitalisation. What is more is the fact that they benefited from decreases in depression, anger, and tension compared to walking indoors. The best places to undertake an outdoor walk for optimum mental health are forests and parks compared to urban settings.

Walking Indoors:

Are you one of the people that dislike nature especially when working out? If yes, then walking indoors is your best choice. For that reason, you should invest in a treadmill to assist you in this regard. With a treadmill, you’ll not only be able to control your exercises regarding incline level and speed, but you’ll also be able to monitor the number of steps you take as well as heart rate.

Treadmills are also an incredible option for anyone with a busy schedule. With the machine, you’ll not waste time searching for various terrains to walk or checking weather forecasts. The machine puts less strain on the joints compared to walking on the outdoor trails.

Indoor walks are perfect for those that live in regions with air pollution. It prevents you from inhaling bad air quality, which can cause respiratory or heart-related illnesses.

Benefits Of Indoor Walking:

  1. Treadmills readout your time, distance, calories burned and heart rate
  2. Indoor walks are safer
  3. Incredible way of burning calories and offering your muscles just a basic workout
  4. Effortless access to changing rooms, bathrooms and water fountains
  5. Access to entertainment – while doing your indoor thing, you’ll be able to watch TV or even read on your treadmill.

Walking Indoors Vs. Outdoors – The Best of Both Worlds:

After all, is said and done, you do not have to settle for one. Some workout groups entirely exist outdoors while plenty of gyms provide seasonal classes outside. As the line between outdoor and indoor exercises continues to blur, the clear thing is that spicing both outdoor and indoor sessions is an amazing way of ensuring your exercises are not only exciting but also fun.


Whether you choose to walk indoors or outdoors, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy huge health benefits. Depending on your workout’s intensity, both of these environments allow you to burn calories while at the same time providing you opportunities to interact with surroundings. Both of the environments burn calories based on your workout’s intensity.

Armed with a budget and a desire to get fit and stay that way, we are glad to welcome you to Life’s greatest journeys begin with a single step (Mark M. Roberts).