The Smedias are delighted to announce a new category, Journalism Relating to Travel, for the 2022 awards!

The National Student Media Awards aim to celebrate the wide variety of high calibre work that students are producing all around Ireland. The Journalism Relating to Travel Award will run alongside other awards such as the Video Journalist of the Year, Photographer of the Year and Short Film of the Year. 

The award will be sponsored by Fáilte Ireland, who work to support the long-term sustainable growth in the economic, social, cultural and environmental contribution of tourism to Ireland. The introduction of this category will give student travel journalists an outlet for their work to be recognised, and highlight the wide range of tourist opportunities at home and abroad. Submissions will be taken in the form of written articles, blog posts or vlogs. The piece(s) must be produced for student journalism or be the work of a full time student.

Judges will be looking for a uniqueness of voice and an appropriate tone, as well as staples of travel journalism including but not limited to compelling anecdotes and innovative use of photography/ video footage.