With Christmas lights dotted all over Ireland, it’s time to get some present shopping in! There are massive sales in all the major stores and it’s easy to get wrapped up in discounts galore, but why not shop small businesses instead? 

Well look no further, we’ve put together a few small Irish businesses we’ve been loving that may solve your present shopping needs. From scented goodies to stylish fashions, there’s a little bit of everything for you this holiday season! 

Sophies Spells

Instagram has quickly become the home of a lot of small businesses, creating a more personal vibe with smaller stock drops, plus it’s filled with gems like Sophie’s Spells! Ran by Sophie, their Instagram is a one-stop-shop for all things quirky and witchy. With high-quality crystals and beautifully carved figurines, these items are sure to put a smile on your friends face this Christmas. Make sure to keep an eye out for Sophie on Instagram where she hosts small auctions on her live!

Sophie has put together custom mystery boxes tailored to your favourite colours, needs, etc at a whole range of different prices, making her one to keep an eye on with more student-friendly pricing. 

Check her products out here.

Lú Aromatherapy

Created and run by Lucy, Lú Aromatherapy has incredibly lux products from candles to body creams. Specialising in gift sets, Lú has options for everyone’s tastes, whether you’re a skincare nut who just can’t get enough of those balancing body cream florals, or you’re looking to scent your cosy Christmas with soy and coconut oil-based candles. 

Simply put, the packaging and attention to detail is beautiful so not only will you have a truly luxurious product but you won’t even have to do any Christmas present wrapping! Plus, that gorgeous packaging is sustainable and refillable, so there’s no need for any guilt in this purchase.

Check out the Instagram page here.

By Jessica Brennan

Sustainable vintage fashion has exploded onto the scene, who wouldn’t want to find that one unique piece of clothing that just shouts you? Jessica makes exactly that unique and fresh clothing you’ve been looking for, with that extra bit of a high-end touch. All handmade by Jessica herself, her collections show massive attention to detail with truly elegant touches and high-quality fabric. 

These items are just breathtaking and if you’re on the fence, all you need to do is look at her doll-like photoshoot for some of her more recent designs! I am genuinely obsessed. If you’re looking to find that extra unique vintage aesthetic you can shop Jessica’s collection in person at Monto Vintage Shop on Parnell Street, or you can check out her Depop for more. 

Check out her Instagram here.

Ophiuchus Creations

Intricately made with twisting wires, the jewellery at Ophiuchus Creations is truly as ethereal and celestial as the name might suggest. While they may be based in Donegal, you can easily get your hands on these beautiful items through their Etsy or Depop!

If I’m honest, there’s so much in this shop to love I don’t even know where to start. I could tell you all about the practically glimmering stones she uses that may as well have been plucked from the stars, or I could tell you about how impressed I am by the twists and turns in her wiring work! I really don’t know how she does it but these pieces are beyond beautiful. 

Check out the Instagram here.