6 Girls Every Guy Dreams He’ll Date In College

Yesterday we learned about the 6 Lads That You’ll Date In College in a heavily stereotyped rundown of college men. Sticking with the stereotypes and throwing in a dash of old school sexism, today we have one for the lads… a list of 6 Girls Every Guy Dreams He’ll Date In College (But Almost Definitely Never Will).

1. The SuperModel

college dream girl


Surprise, surprise, college guys dream of dating supermodels. Who didn’t see that one coming? Well, keep dreaming lads – the chances of you dating a supermodel are super slim. Try lowering your sights from supermodel to regular model and it still ain’t gonna happen. Never say never though, some day you may stumble into the student bar only to find Kate Upton downing Jägerbombs and at that point it’s Game On…





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