Getting absolutely pissed once the sun has gone down is all well and good, so with the exception of special occasions, why is Daytime Drinking frowned upon so much? What’s the problem with having a few pints with lunch before heading back to an afternoon of lectures, or indeed back to the office to knock out a Powerpoint Presentation?

The answer… Absolutely Nothing!

Having a few drinks during the day is perfectly fine – if anything it makes a pile of work-papers or that tedious lecture all the more bearable. You’re considerably more relaxed and the buzz of trying not to get found out by the boss or your lab professor will actually probably make you all that more productive.

We’re not talking about getting hammered (although that’s cool too), just a few cold ones to help us through the day and a build-up of Dutch Courage for whenever we may need it.

There’s also an element of excitement to drinking in the daytime, probably because we know how much it annoys the people who are against us drinking in the first place. They’re only jealous that they’re stone cold sober and we’re having all the banter.

Even if you’re not in work or college and have a day off, sometimes people will still question your pre-dusk drinking habits, feel free to tell them where to shove their opinions…