We are delighted that the Citizens Information Services (CIS) sponsors the ‘Website of they Year’ award at The National Student Media Awards.

CIS is a free, confidential service that is funded the Citizens Information Board. They give advice on all sorts of student problems like ‘what do I need to know about taxes?’, ‘is this a suspicious job contract?’ and ‘what budget will help me get the best college experience?’.

Chat with CIS today online or through their phone service (0761 07 4000 (Monday to Friday, 9am-8pm) for free advice!

We’re thrilled that Citizens Information Services sponsors this award as it shows their desire to support students who are making information easily accessible.

CIS’s support also helps students get their work recognised by industry professionals and introduces them to other media students, helping them make connections and increase their chances of finding media work in the future. 

Check out the full category here.