Chelsea Football Club recently unveiled their new jersey for the next season. The unveiling comes at a time where the club’s reputation has been dragged through the mud, due to the actions of their fans on a Paris Metro last Tuesday.

After a pretty embarrassing 1 -1 draw against Paris SG, a bunch of Chelsea fans became smug and began exercising social conventions which had not been witnessed in Paris since it went under the name Vichy France. A group of undesirables refused to let a black man on to the metro and began chanting racist words.

The new jersey was unveiled at a press conference this morning to a stunned crowd who did not know what to make of their choice of garments for the team. From a certain angle, the jersey has an unfortunate resemblance to the robes of KKK, a white supremacist group in the United States.

A spokesperson for Chelsea Football Club, responded to these criticisms, saying the following, “We at Chelsea Football Club do not believe that there are any issues regarding the new jersey. Given the recent events which involved our fans, it is obvious that the media are just seeing what they want to see.”

“The hood on a football jersey makes perfect sense in an aerodynamic way. The white colour is just for style.”

Chelsea players have been banned from using all forms of social media until the recent turn of bad PR for the club quietens down.