Here’s a list of’s favourite swimming spots around Dublin that are perfect for this heatwave! Some you’ll definitely know, others you may not. Check it out!

Vico Baths

Up first we got Vico baths. This is hands down one of the best swimming spots in Dublin. If you go to it on a hot day and blast a bitta Despacito with the girlos you won’t be able to tell if you’re in Marbella or Dublin.

It’s just one big ole rock, so no sand or loose rocks if you’re wondering what’ll you be standing on before you get in.

There a few cons. There’s no real place to put your bike. There’s just a couple of railings on the way down that you could park it. To bring the bike down with you would be a bit perilous.

The changing area is a bit a free for all. There’s this small shelter where you can get changed and leave your stuff but it’s pretty out of sight once you’re in the water. There’s also the option of just leaving it on the rock before you climb in. You’ll be able to keep an eye on your stuff just fine that way.

Balscadden Beach

Not for me but maybe for you. The water is lovely, a bit seaweedy and it’s a bit secluded so it’s not jammers on a hot day.

The cons for me are that it’s loose rocks, not sand. Meaning you NEED swimming shoes if you’re getting in. If not you’ll be in a pure agony trying to crawl in and out. Similar to Vico, it’s a mildly perilous walk down, so park your bike somewhere safe.

The Forty Foot

The Forty Foot is Dún Laoighaire’s pride and joy. It’s class! You’ve got almost everything: There’s bike parking, changing areas, and big opportunities to jump in but hey we don’t recommend that and neither do the signs around the place so it’s up to you.

It can be a bit busy sometimes but there’s usually enough room to squeeze in for a dip.

After, you can head on down to the town for some treats. If you’ve been living on Mars and you haven’t heard of this place, you may want to check out. It’s called Scrumdiddlys. Be sure to check it out if you’ve got a sweet tooth and plenty of patience because it’s usually jammers.

Burrow Beach

Personally this is my favourite beach on the list. It’s lovely a sandy beach so no need to worry about standing on sharp rocks. It doesn’t seem to be all that well known (I hope I don’t regret writing this article).

It’s a nice walk into the water meaning there’s no areas to do mad highs jumps in.

It’s just a straight up sandy beach. Perfect for those who are just interested in a calm swim or a wade through the water.

Bull Island

The last beach on this list is good ole Bull Island.

The pros of this popular swimming spot is that’s sandy, you can drive right up and park at the beach and it’s three changing areas: one for men, women and co-ed. It’s got a ladder to get in too.

The cons are that it’s popular and usually pretty busy at peak times. That’s means mucho people and traffic! Another con is that there isn’t enough bike parking. I’m looking at you Dublin County Council.

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