SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: Beating the Pimple

Trying to get rid of spots? Claire Prenty tried and tested some unusual overnight methods.


OBJECTIVE: Find miracle cure for spots and blemishes.

Spots, are supposedly the bane of teenagers’ lives. But now, as I find myself in college and in my early twenties, I still can’t escape them.

If you find yourself in a similar position, here are some unusual methods I have experimented with on my mission for spotless skin!


CURE 1: Cider Vinegar


This method was one I hadn’t heard of before starting this experiment. It was suggested to me by my mother – ‘an old wives tale’ she told me.

I poured a little on to some cotton wool and then dabbed it on to my spots. Now be warned, cider vinegar is not famous for its scent, so holding my nose and trying not to breathe in, I went to bed. In the morning, to my disappointment, I found little difference. There was a very small reduction in the size of my spots. But they were still just as red and there was still just as many of them as before. So on that note, I’ll leave cider vinegar for my cooking.



CURE 2: Toothpaste

Toothpaste cascades from the tube.

I was so excited to experiment with this method. I mean how handy would that be? To have a gleaming smile and a spot free face all in one go?

I carefully dabbed my ‘3D White Oral B’ on to my spots. At first, I could feel a tingling sensation on my skin. ‘It must be working!’ I thought. With high hopes I went to bed. In the morning I was bitterly disappointed. I found no benefits at all; only white toothpaste stains surrounding my loyal spots. I decided to save toothpaste for my pearly whites.



CURE 3: Garlic


I know what you’re thinking: Garlic? Really?

But this method was suggested to me by many people. So, on my mission for perfect skin I thought, why not?

After doing some research I discovered that garlic is full of antioxidants and help fights bacteria. Brilliant! Just what I need. I peeled some garlic and rubbed the clove on to my spot, and again, trying not to inhale the garlic pong, I popped off to bed. In the morning, I was happy to see my spot had reduced in size, but it wasn’t completely gone. I was, however, left with a garlic-smelling face.

Just what one needs going to college! Further research did teach me however, that introducing more garlic into your diet could prevent spots from appearing in the first place.



CURE 4: Painkillers


The madness behind this method is that aspirin acts as an anti-inflammatory, and is supposed to reduce the swelling of the spot. This, like the toothpaste could be exceptionally handy. Who doesn’t have Panadol or something similar lying around their house?

I crushed a Panadol into a bowl and continued to add water until I made a paste. I then applied the paste with a tissue to my spots. The next morning I was happy to report that my spots had reduced in size and in redness. With a small dab of concealer (to reduce the now light pink area) they were invisible. This method could be great if you are planning a night out.

With a combination of painkiller paste and a little makeup (sorry boys!), you’ll be good to go.




Unfortunately, after my efforts to find a miracle cure for spots, I am still left searching for a dream remedy to conquer my pimple problem.


Claire Prenty