WATCH: Giant tumbleweed takes over town


A rural Australian town was taken over by a giant tumbleweed.

Citizens of Wangaratta were left frustrated on Wednesday, complaining about the mess the massive tumbleweed, dubbed ‘Hairy Panic’, made in its wake.

Due to high winds, the tumbleweed has managed to cover properties, garages and gardens in the Victorian town, located 250km north east of the country’s capital, Melbourne.

It’s been reported by local media that the tumbleweed has been around for a couple of years, but this summer has been the worst due to very dry conditions.

Local media also reports that residents believe it is coming from a local field that a farmer has failed to maintain.

According to more local media reports, the town council is refusing to assist residents with the clean up, as it is not viewed as a fire hazard.

Jade O’Leary