(Warning: this article may change some girls’ lives.) 

Anyone interested in makeup will know that MAC foundation is renowned for being one of the best around. It’s durable, provides great coverage and has a good SPF, with MAC’s Studio Sculpt being a particularly popular one.

But what if I told you that there was a product at one quarter of the cost and just as amazing – if not better?

Well, there is. It’s called ‘Stay Time’ and it’s available from the ‘Seventeen’ range at Boots.



MAC’s Studio Sculpt is adored for its flawless coverage, its vast variety of shades and a decent SPF of fifteen. It’s also easy to apply and is extremely durable (when applied with loose powder).



stay time

Seventeen also has all of the above characteristics and beyond.

The foundation goes on with great ease and the coverage is second to none. I find that this product, again when applied with a sprinkle of loose powder, is even more durable than Studio Sculpt. It even has a higher SPF of 25, which is great to protect your skin from the sun (when we get it).

Stay Time is very reasonably priced at  €8.99, compared to the €36.50 price tag you’ll find attached to MAC’s Studio Sculpt.



MAC is an amazing brand. All of their products are to die for, but just a little on the pricey side for us students. So, for all of you who want that MAC foundation effect, without the effect it has on your bank account, try Seventeen’s Stay Time foundation.

You’re welcome.


Claire Prenty