Summer tends to come and go in the blink of a bleary, sleep-deprived eye. On our last day of college, we are full of hope about our four-month break from assignments, late night study sessions and lectures, but more often than not we tend to spend these months working and watching Netflix until 4am, accompanied by an unhealthy amount of food.

By the time August comes around a slight panic creeps in. We realise that we only have a short amount of time before we have to start hopping on buses at 7am to miss that 9am cultural studies lecture, and we may or may not have wasted the time breaking our previous binge watching record. It’s time to make the most of this freedom and the late summer nights while we can. It’s time, friends. It’s time to step away from the Netflix and get outside. Sounds daunting, I know, but I promise you it will be worth it. Here are five things you can do before you wave goodbye to summertime.

1. Open Air Cinema.

I know there are a tonnes of movies to watch on Netflix (they recently just added some of the Shrek films, be still my childhood heart), but who wants to sit alone in their room when there’s an outdoor cinema in the city? Happenings is run by a small group of passionate and enthusiastic people, who host a number of events in public places around the country. They’ve hosted loads of open air cinemas throughout the summer which attracted hundreds of movie lovers and bored students alike. If you fancy enjoying a movie in some of Ireland’s finest parks, then you should most definitely head along to a Happenings screening. The next screening is The Big Lebowski which is on in Fitzwilliam Square on August 11th.Get a group of friends together, bring some blankets and enjoy a movie on the big screen out in the fresh air. For more screenings check out I also hear the food selection is not too shabby, which is crucial if we must leave our beds.

2. Get into The Groove.

We all love to boogie from time to time, be it your almost perfect Beyoncé impression in your kitchen, or a drunkenly dance in Dicey’s at 2am. Dancing is good for the soul. Once you learn how to move those gangly limbs of yours, it’s actually good fun and it’s a great way to stay fit. Which basically means you can afford to get one more spice bag this … doesn’t it?  The best thing about dancing is that anybody can do it, and it’s actually loads of craic when you do it all together. Get a group of your friends together and join a dance class before the busy college lifestyle takes over. Pick a class; Zumba, hip hop, ballroom, ballet, or even line dancing. I guarantee you’ll feel so awkward you’ll want to die, but watching your mates try to dance will soon overpower that.

Susan never let her haters get her down. You too could be like Susan.

3. Visit the Theatre.

As a student I know money can be scarce at times, and we hold onto our dolla bills like Jack held onto Rose. This makes it hard to splash out on expensive things like concert tickets or theatre tickets. However, don’t fear, because there’s a heap of theatres in the city that are super affordable, and host incredible productions. The New Theatre in Dublin is one of the city’s hidden gems. The 66 seat theatre is located in the back of Connolly Books on Essex Street. They support new writing and give new writers the opportunity to develop their work. Visit for a list of shows and grab a ticket to enjoy a night out at this small, but brilliant theatre. But no heckling, please. I’m still scarred from last time.

4. Yoga in the Park.

As well as open air cinemas, Happenings also host yoga sessions on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. There are so many benefits when it comes to doing yoga, including increased flexibility, weight reduction, helping maintain a balanced metabolism and most importantly it gives you an excuse to go out and buy some funky leggings, and maybe even actually wear them this time! The classes are hosted in Dartmouth Square and cost €5; a price that won’t worry our bank balance.

5. Silent Disco.

Whelan’s are hosting a silent disco every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in August. Ciúnas is a free event that runs from 11pm-3am. Gather up your friends and head down to Whelan’s where you’ll be given a set of wireless headphones and the option to choose what playlist you listen to. Whelan’s Indie/Alternative music policy is tossed aside at this event. (Yay!) Your ears will be filled with the sounds of anything and everything from 80’s classics to Electro tunes. This is one event that you cannot afford to miss this summer. Forget about drinking in your local pub, put your dancing shoes on and head down to Whelan’s for Ciúnas.

Kat O’Connor.