When we decide to be into fashion, we are faced with so many perplexing questions; ‘What should we wear?’ ‘What accessories will match with a particular dress?’ the confusion goes on and on. You don’t have to blindly follow the latest trends to stay ahead in fashion though. You must follow your own unique style, while including some trendy fashion tips from the experts that will lead you to create your own story of triumph. When you do that, you’ll make the first move to being a fashion icon.

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If you’re planning a revamp of your style wardrobe, fashionable items from such stores are a must. Today I want to list out some points that you must remember to imbibe into your personal style so that you can always look hip and cool. No matter where you are in the fashion spectrum, I am going to help get you there- if you so desire. It’ll take a bit of time and will need patience as well as framing. But if you follow these, you’ll be definitely admired by people around you.

Do have a look at the following segments:

1) Have A Large Number Of Options Available:
You shouldn’t limit yourself to only certain types of clothes and accessories. Try everything in all the trendy ways you can think of. Go through the clothes you have and experiment with hairstyles, make up styles etc. Always remember that ‘Mix and Match’ is the mantra.

2) Know Your Look:
You must know what type of look suits you. Of course, change is good but if you keep changing every now and then, then you can’t be a fashion icon to somebody. Your look is something which is an integral part of your persona, so you must try different styles with that but never try to change the look itself.

3) Be Unique And Avoid Blending In:
Do you want to stand out? Be different! So what if your friends are reluctant and don’t care much about the trend. If you do and keep dressing stupendously, people will get the urge to follow in your footsteps. And what feels better than to be a leader?

4) Wear Make-Up!:

Do you think you don’t need to put on makeup? Hopefully you’re perfectly happy with how you look without make-up, as you should be, however everyone occasionally wants help accentuating their best features. So whether a guy or a girl you must go to a make-up counter for a makeover. Listen closely to the tips they offer for your coloring and facial structure. They know it more. Follow the tips to look at your best.

5) Express Yourself:
You don’t need to be someone you’re not just for the people who you like. Never go for something which is not comfortable for you but pleasing to others. If you feel that nobody around you is following the trend that you are into, then don’t lose your confidence. Be on your own and eventually people will start following you.

6) Know How To Dress:
You should always know which dress to wear and how to wear it. Buy the magazines like Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar etc. Look at the pictures. Read the articles. Choose a few key looks that’ll suit you you and implement them into your wardrobe. For getting such looks, you can explore stunning designer dresses in various high street stores of the UK. However, Vouchershops is a leading vouchers website which has the leading UK stores listed, and they offer the best deals available from the stores regularly. All you need to do is visit Vouchershops.co.uk, grab the voucher codes and use them while shopping. So, you must have a look at the exciting discounts soon and save your bucks while buying these. But, make sure you give a tint of your own touch to the whole look. You can’t be an icon if you’re just following Elle.

7) Use Bright Colour For Emphasis:
Your favourite dress or belt which is drenched or streaked in pretty bright colors can make you stand out in the crowd. Wearing splashes of coluor in an outfit can help draw the eye and accentuate whatever aspect of your outfit you want focus drawn to. This will be an add-on to your stylish appeal. You can select the colors that suit you best, to confirm that you look extraordinary when you wear a dress or an accessory of that shade.

8) Tailor An Outfit:
A dress with a customised look for yourself would look best in you. Sometimes the ready made dresses might not look perfect for you because of its improper fitting. So, make sure you have your outfits properly tailored to fit your body. Wearing clothes that look custom made is a massive step towards taking a standard look from plain to unique. Another way to ensure you’ve a good fit: Go for a fitting.

10) Create A ‘Personal Look’:
You must look for clothing designs, certain cuts and styles that look the best and offer superior comfort. Buy multiple pairs of that if something is found that it is working pretty well. For example, if you find a pair of jeans that accentuate your glamorous attributes, you should buy multiple pairs in more than one color.

The best way to make a powerful and lasting impression through fashion includes developing a fashion style that others won’t forget.

So, follow the aforementioned steps for climbing the heights to become a fashion icon. I am sure these are going to work out for you and you’re soon going to stun others with your redesigned look.