If you’re one of the lucky people to have been born with a vagina, you’re probably already pretty used to the majority of grooming habits that come with being a woman. You’ve shaved, been plucked, threaded, waxed and tweezed at least once in your life and if you haven’t, you more than likely have a good idea of what each of these hair-removal techniques consist of. There is one hair-removal process however, that is seldom talked about, and here at oxygen.ie we thought it was about time we fill you in on what exactly to expect from your bikini wax.


1. Feeling Funky

You will feel really weird showing a stranger your hoo-ha. So you’ve finally decided to ditch the razor and have mustered up the courage to get your first bikini wax. You’ve researched the place, read every review, and have booked an appointment. Finally the day is here and you realise in just a few moments a complete stranger is going to see every crack (pardon the pun) and crevice your sweet ass was born with, naturally, you’re weirded out.

This is so okay, everyone in the world feels like this their first time. Just remember, your therapist is a professional, they literally have seen it all. They see 100s of vaginas a week, unless an alien is going to pop out of your vagina and say Hi, nothing will phase them.


2. Getting Naked

You will be asked to undress from the waist down and lie down on a table. You do not have to get completely naked, this is not a full body massage. Your therapist wants to preserve as much of your dignity as you do. Some may ask you to take your underwear off and give you a disposable pair, some might ask you to leave your own on and use them as a guide, others might like you to be completely bare. It varies from place to place and the type of bikini wax you are getting.


3. Trimming

Your therapist may trim your hair. Sometimes, if the hair is too long, your therapist will trim the hair in order to make sure the hair is removed from the root. The ideal length of hair for a bikini wax is about the size of a grain of rice.


4. All of The Sensations

The wax is warm but oddly soothing. It is a strange sensation having hot wax poured on your vagina for the first time. The temperature of the wax is very important and your therapist should normally ask if the temperature is okay for you. If they don’t, don’t be afraid to tell them if it is too hot.

After all the mental preparation you’ve done for this the last thing you want to come away with is a burnt vagina !


5. All of The Positions

You will change your legs into a number of positions over the course of 20-30 minutes. When going for a Brazilian bikini wax (everything removed), your therapist will usually start by removing the hair from the top of your vagina first, and work their way down and in and around. You will more than likely begin lying down with your legs spread slightly apart. You will then drag one leg up and tuck your foot in under your opposite knee while your therapist works in and around your flaps, you will then switch legs and do the same with the other leg. Lastly, you will lie on your side spreading your butt cheeks apart and your therapist will remove the hair from your butthole.


6. All of The Pain

I’m not going to lie to you, it is going to be painful, but honestly, it’s not going to be as bad as you thought it would be ! The top hurts, the sides are surprisingly okay, the flaps are the WORST. But many of your sisters have gone before you and we have lived to tell the tale! The best thing to do is pop a pain killer half an hour before your wax and engage in tactical breathing, getting a bikini wax is not unlike childbirth ladies! Holding the skin taut is also a must.


7. Tweezers

Your therapist may tweeze some hairs after they are finished waxing. Some hairs are quite short and are therefore not removed with the wax. In this case your therapist will often tweeze these short hairs. Secondly, it is possible, especially if you’ve been shaving, that you may have some ingrown hairs, your therapist will also tweeze these out.


8. Soothing

Cool gel will be poured on your little lady post-wax. You will feel like an adult baby having their diaper changed at this point. But after all that pain and heat having this cool gel rubbed on your vagina will feel like a miracle. You made it !


9. Afterwards

Some of your pores may bleed post-wax. Tiny little dots of blood will more than likely appear after your wax, do not fear, this is completely normal. What is not normal however, is bruising after a wax, this is a sign of an inexperienced therapist.


10. Relief !

This goes without saying. You will feel like a Queen, you are flawless and now your bikini line is too !