STYLE: How to Dress Your Furry Friend This Christmas

Everyone deserves to look their best at Christmas, even our pets!

I have a little pupper myself, and when it comes to the holidays, Bruno is strutting his stuff down the festive catwalk … I mean dogwalk. From groomers to pet boutiques, we just can’t resist spoiling our pets. Luckily enough the world of fashion has answered our prayers this Christmas, by offering many different colours, styles and patterns for our pets to choose from. And with all this choice comes competition on who looks best on the big day.  Like humans, dogs/ cats/ birds/ snakes (the list goes on), come in all shapes and sizes; hairy, thin, fat, shaved, scales, feathers, moustaches, droopy ears, pointy ears, long tail, short tail … I think I covered everything.

So, below I have offered you guys not only how to shop and style your pet, but also where to buy them.


A Christmas Ribbon/ Bow

Before I go any further, how cute is that doggie dodo?!



For Bruno’s first Christmas, I went with something simple, less is more don’t forget. If your pet doesn’t like wearing the musical jumpers, or their Christmas stockings, then a classic bow-tie is the way to go! For dogs and cats, they are used to wearing a collar, so a bow-tie will be no different. The stereotypical colours of Christmas are gold, red, emerald green and silver.

Almost forgot, sequence is a huge factor at Christmas, (guilty is charged my own Christmas wardrobe is full of it). You can’t have too much sparkle! For that reason, if red, green, gold or silver, are not the colour for Rufus, or Milkshake, or Misty, then Hunny you go with any colour you want! One bit of advice though, if you have a female companion, with a decent length of top hair, then a lovely solo coloured ribbon, will do nicely for the festive occasion.


Jumper/ Jacket

Coming into the cold months, we need to not only make sure we’re wrapped up and cosy, but our pets are too. Now, the only rule on this one is, don’t dress your pet in both a jumper and a jacket, he or she will get too warm. My tip is jacket for outside, jumper for inside. I bought Bruno’s first jacket last year, and can I just say, big mistake! If you are going to buy a jacket, t-shirt, jumper for your pet, make sure to bring them along with you. We can all agree, that we have been shamed and embarrassed by our loved one’s poor sense of measurements.

Many times, has my boyfriend bought me a top too big, that I’m swimming in it, or jeans too small – I’ve had to get the scissors out to escape the denim clasp. Pets, are just as fussy about size. Luckily, we don’t speak the same language, because I know Bruno has called me many names after trying to fit into a size Small, when realistically he’s a medium, (we’re allowed to dream!).

Another tip, Bruno’s eyes are brown and I bought him a black jacket… I know, total blasphemy. Make sure the jacket goes with your pets not only hair colour but eye colour too, you think you won’t notice, but trust me, it’s so obvious.

SO, remember, bring your pet with you to try on the jackets and jumpers. Compare and contrast colours with first your dog’s colouring and then their eye colour. Lastly, go to a pet boutique for jackets, you want a good quality one that will last a couple of years and will be easy for your pet to run and play in.




Stockings and Booties

Before you say it, yes, these are essential! Think about it, not wearing socks or shoes going outside, is utter madness, unless you’re in-between putting your second sock on while running for the 9 o’clock bus – which  it’s a typical Monday morning for me. I think you can agree I’m right, if we wouldn’t do it, why should we ask our pets to do it?!

Now truth be told, over the three years I’ve had Bruno, I had to buy baby stockings and booties. This year I won’t be queuing in Mamas and Papas, trying to pretend to expectant mothers that I already have a one year old and expecting to have my second in a relaxed, calm waterbirth.

Now, many pet owners, especially small dog owners, will argue that only small dogs can pull off stockings and booties, because they have the ankles for it. That excuse sounds like it was taken out of the Abercrombie & Fitch excuse playbook. I’ll admit small thing are dead cute, socks, shoes, cups, lipstick, violins, shot glasses. Anyway, back to my point, if you want your fury friend to wear the newest kicks, no matter the size of their calves, then make sure they wear them and not the other way. One tip about the booties, similar to the jacket, let them try on a few pairs before you buy. Nobody likes their size 7 foot being crushed and shoved into a size 5 shoe. To avoid pain and tears, bring your pet for a shopping experience they’ll never forget.



I think we’ve ticked all the boxes, shoes, socks, jumper, jacket, and accessories. Great, you have your pets ideal wardrobe in your head, so the next part of this journey, is where to buy them???

This is the best part, anywhere, and I’m not being a hopeless romantic, it’s true. Both High street retailers and designers sell festive chic for pets. From Brown Thomas to Tiger, yes that’s not a typo, buying your pets Christmas clothes will be simple this Christmas. Tiger offer not only head dress for us but for pets too including bowties, hats and glasses. Petland, on Camden Street, is one of my favourites. Who knew that a local pet store sold adorable but dazzling festive clothing for pets. If you are stuck at home, online retailers have come to the rescue.

Mini in the Box, Boohoo, Pets at Home, Nip and Bones, are some of the many online retailers, who are happy to help you find the perfect outfit for your pooch this Christmas. Now one of my favourite sites is Urban Pup, why you may ask, simple they let you go that extra mile with dressing your pupper. They allow you design your own ideas, from t-shirts to hoodies. I bet your wallet is screaming out for help, but many online retailers are reasonably priced, but don’t go spending it all on the outfit, the present is the next step to making your pets dream of a white Christmas come true.

If you have a few bob after the big shopping spree, look out for my next piece on top gifts for your pooch this Christmas.


Rachel Kinnerk



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