The Irish vaccine roll-out has been… an interesting experience. We were Paddy last at the start when we had the strictest lockdown in Europe while some of our neighbours got to live something of a normal life. Then we had vaccines shortages. 

Ah Jaysus, I won’t go on. Anyway, here’s when you could expect your EU Digital COVID Cert which will allow you to travel. 

A few days

The most likely way that you’ll be sent your Digital COVID Cert is through email. As yes, old reliable. Don’t go sending a file too big on this bad boy now or you’re asking for trouble! Do the government know how to compress files? It could be a few days until you get it.

A few weeks

Your EU COVID Cert might arrive as a physical piece of paper with the QR code on it… by carrier pigeon. That means that the pigeon is gonna be released from his cage with your little cert flying around his neck. It’s rumoured that the little lad will be released from his gaff in Kerry somewhere. Don’t ask me why. I don’t make the rules.

It could be now

Your EU COVID Cert could be sent to you right now. It’s rumoured that the HSE are pure sketched about getting hacked again so they’ve resorted to communicating the COVID Certs using traditional, radical telecommunication methods such as smoke signals. Go over to your window there and have a look up at the sky. Does it look like a QR code? I think mine looks like a duck.

Who knows when you’re Digital COVID Cert will arrive? This waiting is terrible, isn’t it? Sure look, it could be worse, you could be English right now.