Job interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience. Job interviews can vary from company to company but here are some essential tools to use for the bare bones of nailing the interview for that job you’re gunning for.

  • Research The Company

If you don’t know who you’re talking to, then you’re already off to a bad start. Doing a little bit of homework on the company you’re interviewing for and how they came to be should be essential before you sit in the chair. Looking up a couple of their latest developments can be a great combo of an ice breaker and a way of showing you did your homework. It also benefit your application because you’ll have examples of work that the company does that you’re passionate about.

  • Practice Your Answers

Know the classic interview questions. For example, ‘Tell me about yourself’ should be saying what’s on your CV. You’ll want to talk about your achievements, previous experience and the skills you’ve picked up along the way. ‘What are your strengths/weaknesses?’ Picking three strengths relevant to the job should be in your answer. If it’s a retail job you should say your strengths are communication, adaptability, and a positive attitude. As for weaknesses, this tricky question is best answered in two parts. Confessing the weakness then redressing it as something you’re now working on. For example, if you nervous with public speaking you can redress it as “I often put myself forward to act as the speaker during a group presentation”.

  • Dress the part

Think about who you could be working for. If it’s an office job then you’ll want to wear formal attire. If it seems like a casual attire job then you can play it safe by going smart casual.

  • Warm Up

You can have all the skills in the world for a job, but if you don’t come across as having people skills your interview might fall flat. Doing a couple of vocal exercises so you don’t sound too robotic when you speak can you a little bit of an edge for when you’re trying to be yourself.

  • Don’t Sound Scripted

You’ve practised your answers, you’ve dressed the part and now you’re all warmed up. Now relax. You know the answers, so just say them as you would talk normally. You know your main points so don’t say them off word for word. Being unique is what will make you stand out in your interview and make your interview more memorable.

  • Be Confident

Now is not the time hold back. You’ve most like done great things whether in college or in small, part-time jobs. Keep that chin and tell your potential new employer about it!