We’ve had a night to sit down and digest what went down with yesterday’s budget, and because we are super sound here at oxygen.ie, we decided to break it down for you.

1. Faaaggggssss

It’s looking like the only way most of us will get our hands on a cigarette is by scabbing one off that hottie (or nottie) in the smoking area on a night out. They are going up 50c, bringing the price up to 12 beans!



2. Drink, Drink!

Great news for all you father Jacks out there, drink is staying the same. Waaayyheeyyyy!



3. Sugar, Sugar, Oh, Honey, Honey …

Easy on the fizzy drinks lads! There’s a tax being put on them, which will be 30c per litre on drinks with 8g of sugar per 100ml, and 20 cent per litre on drinks with between 5 and 8 grams of sugar per 100 millilitres. 



4. Sunbeds 

Sunbeds aren’t cool. They are extremely hot. As in, they burn your skin and make you go all saggy and rotten lookin’. That’s why we aren’t surprised about the VAT on sunbed services being raised from 13% to 23%.


5. Minimum Wage

Excellent news for all you part time workers! The minimum wage will rise to €9.55 per hour. Cash money euro dolla bills, yo! 


6. Mental Health funding

We are delighted to say that there will an increase of funding made available for mental health services. The exact figure has yet to be announced, but word on the street is that it’s up near 35million.

7. More Sexy Gardai

A whopping 800 more sexy Gardai are going to be recruited in 2018


8. More sexy Teachers

Brill news for you teachers and aspiring teachers! There is going to be 1,300 new teaching positions created in Irish schools over the coming year. The plan of action is to bring the pupil teacher ration at primary level down to 26:1