Several hundred students gathered outside GMIT this morning to cheer on Science student, Paddy “Cans” McCann, who made it into his 9am lecture after a “massive night out in Carbon nightclub”


“Cans” McCann, 19, is the first student in Galway on record to ever do so.  The Mayo native was spotted at 8.30am this morning leaving a house party at Glasan student village, to make his way to his 9am lecture, sporting no shoes and a very feminine looking jacket.


“I’m not sure what happened to my shoes, I think I convinced myself that I could dance better without them so I threw them out the window, but nothing was going to stop me making that lecture this morning” Paddy told reporters. 


Paddy has been preparing for this challenge for over a year, often staying out all night and making it in to college towards the end of his 10am lectures. 


Speaking of this mornings achievement, he said it had been a dream of his for a long time, and that he is aware of the responsibility that comes along with achieving such a goal. 


“I’ve already been approached by a number of company’s about becoming a brand ambassador. My phone hasn’t stopped ringing, it’s a bit annoying but I know it will probably work in my favour when I’m looking for the shift the next night”


Today Mr McCann’s housemates and closest drinking buddies met him as he exited GMIT building holding a Mayo flag aloft in his right hand, and a bottle of Lucozade in his left. The student is unsure of where he got the Mayo flag, but said it felt “classss”. 


Hundreds of more students, some of his tinder matches, and the general GMIT community greeted him at the doors, cheering his success and shouting “CANS, CANS, CANS”.


An “even more massive” celebration is planned for later tonight in Electric nightclub, where Paddy is actually barred from but is hoping to fool the bouncers somehow. 


Maybe if I wear this new jacket they will think I am a girl” He has said.


Here at we think the moral of the story is to always turn your “cant’s” into “CANS”.