Eminem has given his fans an ultimatum: they can support him, or they can support Trump. And we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about it!

We all know Eminem is famous for delivering searing lyrics, and last night he made an appearance at the 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards, delivering a rap that entirely focused on bringing Trump down!

In just four minutes of free style, Eminem called out the president of the USA on issues including his behaviour towards North Korea, his support for white supremacists, and his infamous Twitter account. 

The rap was filmed in a car park in Detroit, and titled “The Storm”. 

Eminem, who has given out about Trump before, said last night that “Racism’s the only thing he’s famous for”.

He also refers to the president as “a kamikaze that’ll probably cause a nuclear holocaust”, and since last night, a number of famous names, including basketball player LeBron James, tweeted out support for the rapper. (The president is yet to respond!).

Eminem’s next album is reportedly nearing release.