Your a no nonsense solid personality and take no guff. You’re absolutely furious about the price of pint in Dublin and reminisce about the good old days when you could get drunk on 20 quid even though you’ve only been drinking for the past three years. In your eyes, a badly poured pint is the worst crime imaginable and the death penalty should apply for such sacrilegious acts.


Well look at what we’ve got here. You think you’re better than everyone else don’t you? You gag at the mere though of Coppers. No no, it’s wine bars for mr./miss fancy pants over here. You also like to pretend you know s**t about wine too by saying things like ‘the fruity aromas compliment the smooth, textured body’. You study literature and turn up to college looking like an adulterous professor on his third marriage. You’re into modern art and independent movies citing mainstream cinema as the main reason for societies steady decline.

Craft Beer

You thought the wine drinkers were smug didn’t you? Well not compared to these. You definitely have a man bun and have recently adopted the ‘no sock look’. You like explaining to our mates at length the intricacies of some beer made by a guy who lives off the land in Kazakhstan. You recently developed an app and plan on brewing your own beer in the future.


This varies a bit. You could be a classy whiskey on the rocks kind of guy or maybe you like your vodka. Either way you’re probably the one that gets most drunk on nights out. You whiskey drinkers are old men at heart and enjoy watching classic movies and sipping extensive 30 year old Irish whiskey . You turn your nose about at Conor Mcgregor’s new brew and insist on only the best. The vodka and tequila consumers are completely different on a night out to they are in their normal day to day lives. You’re a play by the rules type of gal/girl but once those shots start flowing you’re starting fights with bouncers and stealing traffic cones.

Anything and Everything

From expresso martini’s to dutch gold you aren’t fussy and will down anything with alcohol in it. All you’ve got at home is paint stripper? Well than paint stripper it is. Your life is a bit of a mess but you’re the life of the party so we wouldn’t have it any other way.