Nope, that wasn’t a spelling error. Leo is set to board a fishing vessel and visit Prince Willy of Whales next July.

While the fact that whales do in fact have a monarchy is not common knowledge the system has been in place for centuries. Willy is next in line for the throne but his ageing mother Walda doesn’t seem to want to die.

The Prince is currently recovering from the recent visit of President Frump. Speaking through Wale tongue Willy said ‘This ignoramus of a man is an insult to the human race and his visit was nothing short of a diplomatic disaster’.

Prince Willy confirmed that Whaleland will begin building a wall to around its vicinity over the coming months to avoid the risk of coming into contact with Frump again.

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Varadkar’s visit next month will be a first for Ireland and more such visits are expected with meetings between King Liam the Lion and Queen Orla the Orangutan touted as possible further state visits.

It is expected that Leo will seek advice on Ireland’s worsening homeless crisis from Willy. Homelessness in Whaleland is at an all time low after they came up with the genius solution of building enough homes. The pair will discuss these issues over a meal of plankton with Varadkar set to be fitted with state of the art breathing apparatus.