Stranger Things season 3 is almost upon us and we can’t wait to see what it brings. The new series airs on July the 4th (US Independence Day) so we don’t have long to wait now!! Check out the official trailer below!

A Gorier Season

One of the stars of the show Gaten Matarazzo said that season three would be much gorier than those previous. Matarazzo, along with the other cast members appeared on Good Morning America recently and warned that the new season was ‘not for the faint of heart’. After Game of Thrones ended we need our fix of blood and guts and it looks like we might get that in the form of Stranger Things.

Whatever Eleven does next

Eleven draws Ayra Stark close for her badass rating. Eleven’s epic battle with that demogorgon is still one of my all time favorite television scenes. We know that shes going to have to do some similar stuff next season and we just can’t wait to see how she gets on again.

The A Team

Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will backed up by Jonathan Byers, Steve and Nancy should make for a pretty formidable team. They’ve been trough the mill when it comes to fighting Demogorgons and will likely be better prepared to deal with whatever it is that inevitably comes.

Chief Hopper

Nothing specific. He’s just a legend and we look forward to this selfless hero saving the day once more. The brilliant David Harbour will continue in the role and the actor has said that this will be the most ‘moving season yet’.

The New Villain

We don’t know much about him or her at this time, perhaps we’ll just have to wait and see but we’re hoping to see somebody that can step into the shoes of Matthew Modines chilling character. We obviously want Eleven and co to defeat who or what ever comes their way, but we also want a dangerous and evil villain that will keep us on the edge of our seat.

What Billy will bring to the Show

The brother of Eleven’s friend Max had a villainous edge to his character last season. Will we see further clashes between him and Steve and how will his unpredictable behaviour impact Max and her relationship with Eleven?