Long-distance relationships are perhaps among the hardest kinds of relationships to maintain, but it’s possible. Sometimes your loved one might have to relocate for one reason or another, and you probably have no control over it. So how do you manage to keep the relationship alive? It is hard, but not impossible.

All relationships need work, but long-distance relationships demand more than the usual. People who are used to only doing the bare minimum in relationships rarely pass this distance test, but can you blame them? Many people who have tried long-distance relationships have come out heartbroken since the partner on the other end wasn’t faithful or truthful about the whole situation and ended up breaking the bond.

Some have dealt with a situation that had them move to a place far away from their loved one hence seek long-distance relationships advice. If you are this person, then you are in the right place. Here are some long-distance relationships tips to keep your relationship alive.

  • Stay Connected

If your lover is miles away from you, technology is your best friend. This is your best bet to stay connected and communicate your everyday life. Make phone calls, video calls, and even write letters to keep communication alive.

Now here is the challenge.

How often should you communicate? The answer to this depends on both of you. If speaking via text all day works for you, do it. And if once a day or once every other day is working, then do it. Just make sure that both of you are on the same page on keeping contact.

  • Do Things Together

The most common advice that you will find in every long-distance relationship blog is “do things together”. It sounds impossible, but did you know a couple can do things simultaneously while apart? You can take a walk together while talking on the phone, watch a movie together, listen to the same playlist, and even cook together while on a video call. For this to happen, you must be open to trying new things, being creative about it, and having fun.

  • Be Present In Each Other’s Lives

It is, for sure, nice to run home into your loved one’s arms after a hectic day at work. But this is a luxury that long-distance relationships have to forfeit. Although this does not mean that you can not be there for your love if you are not there physically.

If you get to understand that your boyfriend or girlfriend has had a bad week, why not organize a pampering session and surprise them? If they had an interview, call as soon as they are done to check how it turned out. This is how you become present even while you are apart.

  • Keep It Spicy

Who said long-distance relationships are not kinky? With so many options today from sex toys and platforms to offer secure sex chats, bedroom matters should not hold you back. Surprisingly enough, long-distance couples can have a blast in the bedroom, more than a couple of ways together

  • Use the ‘Words Of Affirmation’ and ‘Gift Giving’ Love Languages To Your Advantage

Long-distance relationship problems can arise from one not being able to communicate their love language to their partner. The ones who crave physical touch are the most affected, although the other four can still be practiced. Words of affirmation and gift-giving are perhaps the most advantageous ones you should use.

Ensure that you affirm your lover every so often and once in a while, surprise them with a gift or two. With this, your relationship will survive the long-distance for sure.


Surviving the distance for two people committed to each other should not be a problem if you follow the long-distance relationship tips mentioned above. If you are in it for the long haul, you will do it. If you feel this will help someone you know, share it with them, and if you have more tips, feel free to share with us other long-distance relationships survival tips that help you!