In case you live under a rock, we’re here to let you know that Series 10 of Love Island kicked off last night – and boy, did it start with a bang! Our editor Caitríona Ní Chonaill tuned in to see the first of the drama, the dares, and hear the dulcet tones of Iain Stirling.

The producers mixed up the introductory portion of the show this year allowing five Islanders, three girls and two boys, to enter and meet each other first. These were: Jess (22, a London-born aesthetics practitioner), Ruchee (a 24-year-old beautician from Sutton), Mitchel (a 26-year-old gas engineer from Sheffield), André (21, a business owner from Birmingham), and Ella (23, a model from Glasgow).

Having given the five a chance to bond (and flirt, there were definitely some looks between André and Ella) presenter Maya Jama arrived to reveal the first surprise of the series. None of the five who had just arrived would be coupling up with each other. The public had already voted on who they should couple up with!

Their chosen partners arrived one by one. First was George, a Business Development Executive, 24 from Bedford, who was coupled up with Jess.

Next arrived Molly, 21, a theatre performer and social media creator from Doncaster. She was coupled up with Mitchell, both of them adorably matching in the colour red.

André’s partner then arrived, in the form of the only Irish constant on the show so far: Catherine, 22, a Commercial Real Estate Agent from Dublin.

Ruchee’s possible love match was the next to appear, a 26-year old Communications Manager who splits his time between Bordeaux and London, by the name of Medhi.

Last but not least to couple up were Ella and Tyrique, a footballer from Essex aged 24.

The drama started almost instantly, with Ella whispering to Tyrique that they had met before – but Tyrique denied it! After settling into the villa, and exploring their future home for the next eight weeks, the contestants separated into their separate groups, and there were some chats between different people, whether coupled or not. Fans on Twitter swooned over Mitchel and Molly getting along straight away, and even agreeing to wear the same colour swimming costume and trunks the next day, so as to look coordinated and to trick the other islanders into thinking they were simply telepathic! It transpired that, after the revelation that Ella had had blonde hair at the time of their first meeting, Tyrique did remember meeting Ella before!

 It seems all is not well in some of the couples picked by the public, however, as Ruchee confessed that she felt no connection to her pre-selected partner Mehdi. The Islanders then played a game of beer pong, with dares attached, which really amped up the drama!

With various kissing of different couples occurring (and a push up match between Molly, and the girl she saw as her biggest competition – Jess – which Molly won) the most memorable of the dares was definitely Molly having to nibble Mitchel’s ear!

Jess made it clear that she has her eye on Mitchel, and that Molly may have her reasons for being on her guard with her new man when Jess picked Mitchel to kiss as part of one of her dares. Fans on Twitter found Ella describing Mitchel’s kiss in another dare as “dead” to be the ultimate putdown and appreciated her candid honesty.

Maya, the presenter, made another sooner-than-expected appearance at the end of the episode and dared the girls who were not happy in their couples to step forward. With Jess and Ruchee stepping forward, Maya dropped the bombshell that another male contestant would be entering the villa.

Enter Zachariah, 25, a basketball player and personal trainer from London. Maya announced that in 24 hours, Zachariah would have the chance to “steal” any girl from any couple, not just the ones who had stepped forward. Who will he pick? We’ll have to tune in tonight to find out!