We could seriously all take a leaf out of this guy’s book!

We all get sick and tired of not having enough free time to enjoy all the finer things in life, like Cher or some jam. Well what this 47-year old father did next serves as inspiration to us all. Far from just sitting back with friends and family and watching the best years of his mid-life slipping through his fingers, Quentin Purcell decided to take action!

When he started looking at ways that he could add hours to his day, Quentin came to a startling discovery. He did a quick tally and realised that over the years he’d spent a total of some 20 weeks of his life interacting, in some form or another, with various Kevins. Time wasted indeed!

Scary to think that so many of us could be frittering away similarly colossal amounts of time on Kevins without even realising it. But he put a stop to it then and there; a complete embargo on all Kevins.

I’m not saying it’s been easy,” said Quentin Purcell of his decision. “I knew a Kevin at school who I’m still in contact with, we meet up for lasagne once a year- he’s not gonna be happy when he hears about this. Plus a lot of my favourite films star Kevin Costner, so they’re completely non-kosher now; the void left in my life from no longer being able to watch Waterworld will be difficult to fill, but we must all make sacrifices for what we believe is the right choice. -Oh, I also have a 10 year old son named Kevin and, if I’m being frank, this has put something of a strain on that relationship too.”


Kevin McCloud has now made Grand Designs an absolute write-off for Quentin Purcell.

Despite these minor drawbacks Quentin would still recommend his plan to anyone looking to free up some of their time. He’s now able to focus on the things in life that he’s truly passionate about; training large spider crabs to fight to the death.

Wow! It’s so inspiring to see someone taking back control of their life, Quentin sets a fine example for us all. And it is for that reason that we would like to dedicate this article to Quentin’s memory after he encountered difficulties during an aquarobics class at a local pool and, having refused assistance from Kevin, the life-guard on duty, tragically drowned.

Truly heroic commitment to his cause to the end. Thanks Quentin!