After much deliberation as to whether the highly-anticipated UFC meets Boxing bout, billed as “The Money Fight” would go ahead, it was revealed in the early hours of Thursday 18th of May that, in fact UFC Champion Conor McGregor had finally signed a deal with the UFC which would therefore enable him to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr.

June 14th saw both Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. take to social media to post promos- posters for the fight that they then announced would be taking place on the 26th of August of this year at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas. The bout is scheduled for 12 rounds at 3 minutes each at a weight limit of 154lbs with 10-ounce gloves.

Granted, it isn’t an unknown fact that McGregor entered the MMA sport through boxing some years ago, but it’s still intriguing to know just how quickly he’ll re-adapt to boxing, from MMA.

Though Mayweather is 10 years McGregor’s senior it’s hard not to rate him a bit above McGregor to say the least. In March, even before the deal was signed Mayweather declared he was coming out of retirement, he named McGregor the B Side, where he was the A side.

The 5-weight champion as the cleanest records to date at 49-0. A 50th fight, and possible win against someone as high profile as Conor McGregor is clearly very tantalising- enough so that the 40-year-old has come out of retirement. Though, Mayweather has always said he’d retire once he reached his 50th fight. The Money Team have already patented a string of ’50-0’ trademarks to earn off the new record he seems certain to set on August 26th.

McGregor told assembled reporters shortly after Michael Conlan’s debut that the “Whole world would eat their words,”. It isn’t a secret that the Dublin-born native is something of a self-styled Nostradamus, and has no shortage of self-belief, so much so that sometimes it’s difficult not to buy into the hype.

All across media, we see many people side with the class and superiority of Mayweather Jr. Though his age is a downfall it has been said that the 40 year old Champion has been using cryotherapy to help him recover from the physical abuse he puts himself through the gym.

Cryotherapy helps the body to reset and recharge whilst freezing it to -115C. It is said Mayweather has also been taking yoga classes in preparation to take on his 28-year-old rival.

SunSport announced that the two global megastars will host their first press conference in just under “two weeks’ time” in Wembley, London with an expected attendance of 10,000 people. Amazingly, this is said to be a free event- to witness the two go face-to-face for the first time since the announcement that rocked the sporting world.

It is said the two fighters will then jet around the world in order to stoke up the fires ahead of the mouth-watering clash.

Whatever the overall verdict- win, lose or draw- it’ll definitely have one of the highest Pay-Per-View Ratings and payouts of all time.

Chloe O’Keeffe