There’s a tonne of ways to spend these summer months. Closing the curtains and rewatching GOT on repeat is an attractive option but probably not the best one for your well being. As is setting your exam hall on fire because of the stress it has caused you over the year but again, we’d highly recommend you don’t do this .


Whether its 2 weeks away with the fam, a wild few on the sesh with your mates or maybe even a few months spent bag packing, travelling is essential over the summer holidays. Maybe you’re travelling halve way across the world to see the Bali or maybe it’s a trip down to Wexford to stay in a caravan. It’s all about making the most of your free time and havin the best craic (don’t worry there’s plenty of pubs/bars in both). Take pictures, relax and basically do what you want wherever you are. If you pop online to get an ISIC card, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a better time. The ISIC is the only internationally recognised student card and has discounts all over the world. Get your card here you legends – 

Don’t Travel

Ah, I know what I said but there’s nothing like a holiday at home is there? Theres plenty to do, especially if you’re living in the capitol city. If the weather is good then our country is an absolute ride as well. Head up to Howth and chill with a few cold ones. Dun Laoghaire is the best place in the world when the suns out and sure what says summer feels like pints in the beer garden?

Inevitably, we’ll all eat our own body weight in food over the summer too and there’s plenty of delicious food out there that won’t cost the earth. Get the BEST BURGERS in town down at our mates Wowburger where you can get any burger, fries and drink for 9.95 if you sign up to an ISIC card . You can also enjoy some stellar discounts at TGI Fridays and Captain Americas.

Got to a Festival

Three days of great music, sun (hopefully) and copious amounts of alcohol. Festivals are great craic and bring out both the best and worst in us. Just don’t get arrested or climb into some randomers tent and you’ll be grand. Festivals are great thing to do if you don’t quite have the mula to go abroad but still want an epic few days with your mates.

Work your way to the top

It’s not the most exciting option unless you have a really cool job but it’s a good way of funding your college life and not living of a diet of stale, dry cornflakes and tap water. Think about being about to afford real life food while you’re being given out to by a costumer for something you have literally no control over