This is a little hard to fathom. American basketball player Dwayne Wade has been criticized for attending a pride march in support of his son. It seems like such a simple thing to do and the fact that people were actually angry about it makes me worry for society.

Speaking to Variety, Wade said that he was just doing his job as a Father and went on to say ‘I’m very uneasy about accolades that come from supporting my kids or the negativity that comes from it. I’m doing what every parent should do’. Of course he is.

This is simply a man being a good father. Nothing else. Wade received some pretty horrible responses with some vitriolic messages aimed his way.

A week after a Priest compared the LGBT community to zombies, this shit happens. They act as strong reminders that we still have a long way to go in our quest for equality.

It’s a worrying trend and we should show some solidarity with friends. Dwayne deserves a huge amount of credit for standing by his son and not backing down. In an era where sports stars are so exposed to the public eye trough social media and other forms, that takes bravery. Good man Dwayne, keep it up.

Dwyane Wade was surprised that his love for his son resulted in some backlash on social media— Variety (@Variety) June 18, 2019