We’ve got an exciting few months of Television ahead.

Well as you know Game of Thrones aired last night and those of us who didn’t stay up till 2 am are frantically trying to avoid spoilers. That inlcudes myself so nothing in the comments please. We’ve all heard the fan theories e.g Brann is the Night King etc etc but as long as Bronn and Thormund live to the end, i’ll be a happy man. Game of Thrones is not the only exciting TV Show released over the Spring/Summer months as it was announced that Stranger Things season 3 will be releasedon July the 4th, U.S Independence Day.

Its been along time coming but according to Cindy Holland, Netflix Vice President of original programming ‘it will be worth the wait’. If you haven’t watched it I suggest you bunk off college/work, close those curtains and get binge watching immediately. Its like Stand by Me with Aliens and if thats not a good advertisment than I don’t know what is.

The Critically acclaimed the Handmaids Tale is another TV show we’ll have to wait longer than we’d like for as ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ has said that the Third season will not be released until June the 5th. Set in a dystopian universe in the near future,’The Handmaids Tale follows June Osborne as she struggles against opression and patriarchy in a post-civil war America. Some of the content is scarily close to reality so its not exactly light viewing.

So good luck getting those college essays done over the next few months, cancel all your social plans and say your goodbyes to your families!!!!



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